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is with unique harmonies and an acoustic heart, that make Not Completely Blonde not just your everyday girl group. Comprised of Aliana Chambers, Beth Jones and Fiona MacKellar, the acoustic/pop trio formed in 2011. Since then they have recorded and released their first EP ‘Two Sides of the Atlantic’, in September 2012, which was produced by ScorpioSongs. They had the privilege of being BBC Radio Shropshire’s ‘Song of the Month’ with their original track ‘The Coffee Song’ which put them on the main playlist alongside top artists. Having finished education, the girls plan to release their second EP in March 2014. 

Last year, they performed at numerous festivals including OsFest, Watchet Live and the Shrewsbury Folk Festival alongside artists like JLS, Lawson, James Arthur and The Hoosiers. Additionally, they supported the bands Stringer Bessant and Larkin Poe respectively on their UK tours. Because of their involvement and numerous radio appearances on BBC Introducing, Not Completely Blonde were invited to the BBC Introducing Songwriting Masterclass Cardiff in March 2013, featuring Jo Whiley and Manic Street Preachers. The trio have performed at many public and private events and enjoy a healthy and loyal following on social media sites as a result. They have also been involved in several charity events and have recently recorded a single for the benefit of British Red Cross Young Carers and The Hive. 

Ali loves strawberries. She’s from New Jersey (and London, Berkshire, Essex and Shropshire), because she’s just that international, so excuse her accent. She likes flowers and pearls and her Russian cat, Koshka. She also likes different cultures, summer days and any book by Chuck Palahniuk. She thinks Regina Spektor is just about the coolest woman alive, and would give anything to be in a bathtub with Johnny Depp. Beth and Fiona would say that her guitar is named Taylor Swift, but she completely debunks this myth. She’s the better of the blondes (because Fiona’s ginger) and, if music weren’t in her life, would love to be a lawyer. What a nerd.
If she could Beth would spend all day everyday raving around the kitchen cooking up lots of deliciousness. She says it’s to be nice but secretly it’s to fatten everyone else up. She would be completely helpless without her glasses. She would love to see every state in America, or more importantly, eat in every state in America. She was born in the wrong decade, her heart belongs in the 50s with Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day. Everything remotely technological repels her and has a habit of breaking or getting hormonal at the most inconvenient of times. She loves chocolate, Olly Murs and her comfy sofa; the three together and she’d probably have a heart attack. Out of the three she’s the only one thats a normal height and loves reminding Fiona of this.
Ever since she was little Fiona has been dreaming of being a superstar. She would gladly leave the boring hills of Shropshire for the bright lights of New York at the drop of a hat. Fiona has always been fascinated with dolphins and would love to be one of those performing people in water parks NOT an aquarium tank cleaner as the other NCBer’s like to think! Although the United States of America calls to her for the future her heart is firmly placed in Glasgow, Scotland where her family originate, her Scottish patriotism cannot be beaten, because after all Scotland is THE best! Fiona has a slight obsession with Michael Buble and after seeing him in Glasgow has fallen completely in love with him. She has a love for country music and her favourite song is Lynard Skynard ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (a classic) It is her goal to see every Musical written! She is the blonde that is always picked on for being short…however gets her own back with various insults. (Watch out Beth and Ali!)

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