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You’ve found somebody that makes you feel loved, wild and free, as if you were a child again.

Writer’s Block

Sometimes you just can’t find the right words. Thoughts go round and round your head but nothing feels good enough. You can go through all the letters of the alphabet and still come up with nothing…but maybe it’s the words we make up that can best show how we feel.

Two Sides Of The Atlantic EP - Here is our very first EP finally released and out to buy on Two Sides of the Atlantic EP - Not Completely Blonde 

 I Found A Secret None of us want to be forgotten. We all strive to be individual. But then the tide comes in and we have no space for ourselves. We need to learn to stop and breathe that everlasting sea air. Sometimes it’s best to just forget about it all.

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Caged The lines have been drawn out for everyone to follow. Restrictive and repetitive is what we’ve become. It’s time for the bird to fly. Feel the heat of the flames as they engulf your body and breathe in. This is what it’s like to break the mould.

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The Coffee Song – That rustic smell of coffee grounds is now irresistible to you. He gives you your usual without asking; you’ve been here so many times before. The way he moves is mesmerising. But you’re just another one in line. So just sip your coffee and stare.

Mocha Cappuccino Macchiato Latte

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The Moment – Your stomach churns with anxiety as out of your mouth slips three little words. Head pounding, heart beating; you never meant to say them. If only you could arrest time: stop the awful silence, put your life on a tape recorder, rewind and playback.

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